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Posted this on the New User Forums today: Edit

Glimmer(My Cat) and I were in Alex Village this afternoon and there was a member trying to talk to us Newbies's and no one would talk to her.She was offering to help.I spoke up and said HI,she asked if she could help me level up or if there was anything I needed.She gave me the coordinates to her lands and when we got there she told me to look in the houses.To make a long story short,this young lady,(13 I think she said)told me to come to her lands,eat,play ect.She gave me a couple of gifts and told me if I needed anything at all to tell her. I signed in tonight and not only did she give me the gifts of food and aliens but she gave me a whopping amount of shells!!

This is the kindest, most wonderful thing that has happened to me in my 30 something years of life and it happened playing a game!

The young lady's ID is Brooketi and I send her Love,Happiness and Many Many Bright Blessings!

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