KittyJuan is a GoPets user that has been playing for over 3 years.

GoLands Edit

KittyJuan owns two Tier 1 lands and one Camping Spot.

His main land is called "Meow Meow Wetlands" and is where he spends most of his time. It does not have many items but gives a clean, magical atmosphere. The coordinates to Meow Meow Wetlands are 442, 335.


Meow Meow Wetlands

His other Teir 1 land is called "Kitty City". This is a land which he uses to play around and test out new items. It is very messy.

His Camping Spot was made for the purpose of privacy. It was bought to have a private place away from other people. But with introduction of the new private lands, he will probably be giving the Camping Spot to a newbie in the near future.

GoSmile Edit

KittyJuan is the creator of GoSmile. GoSmile is an application suite designed at helping the GoPets Community. At the moment it is only a toolbar that fits into the user's browser, however, KittyJuan hopes to expand it and later include other software as well. GoSmile is compatible with both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

GoSmile was started in May of 2007. Two or three months later, GoSmile was disabled due to compatibility issues. In early 2008 it was announced that development would continue. A new version called "GoSmile Plus" is currently in development and is only available to a select few for testing purposes.