Welcome to Eespna's Finest Customs! My name is Piper Frost. I have been a GoPets member since June 19,2006 and a Premium Member since August 12, 2006. I have been making Customs since August 15, 2006. I work hard to make sure my customs are the best that i can create. I even go through the trouble to make sure you see the item, to insure its what you want. I will make multiple outfits to suit your needs if need be. I do make exclusive Items and limited edition items. I can show them but not sell them, and i can also just leave it to be our little secret.

Most people find that my prices are pretty cheap and I do run sales all the time. I have been told by quiet a few people they go broke when they run through my shop. I do haggle on prices for those who can not afford the full price, and I also do at times take green instead of gold. Only when I have enough to do so. Also you may be a lucky person and get a free gift. This is a rarity but i promise its worth it when you get it.

I can customize these outfits to any likings. If that is what you want fill this out and message me with it.

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Note this here does not have all the things i make. If you want to take a look at all my best selling stuff follow this link!! Mind you for holidays i'll pull things from there back to here so its less searching or for themes but not much more then that!!

Eespna's Finest Customs - Personal Website
Eespna's Finest Customs - Gopets Forum


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<tatertot13> ya'll check out piper's stuff - she's always been GREAT at makin customs!

<tongtongii> OMGEEE thats preety !!

<jkc4444> omg piper I love your new dresses

<PopPunk> wow piper i love your dresses

<kajungrl> Love your customs. Have been shopping in your shop this morning and love everything I saw...excellent clothing!!!

<BerryPuff> You're a great custom designer! [<3

<SummerMuse> Your collection is amazing. So impressive in size, variety, and quality.

<Bathtubness> wow pip thats awesome

<HerRoyalChubbyness> piper you have soem awesoem customs

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