My Finished Lands: Edit

  • Treasure Island (322/317)

If you are looking for adventure then this is the right place for you.Test your courage by participating in the GoChallage and even win some of the pirate's gold.The island also has a comfortable inn,fishing dock and also a pub.

  • GoTut's Valley (325/321)

If you would like to learn more about the ancient GoEgyptian civilization then the valley is the perfect place to start.Beautiful pyramids and ancient temples,sarcophagus,paintings and of course the famous Sphinx.

  • Bells Beach (216/294)

This small beach has a bit of everything:lot's of beach mats so you don't have to bring your own,beach chairs,a bar,showers,surfing lessons,diving pond and pool slide for the little ones.It also has an Aquarium displaying some of the most beautiful and rare fish in the GoWorld.

  • Tranquileville (353/266)

If you feel stressed or just want to sit back and relax then come and visit this oriental inspired land.Enjoy high quality tea outdoors in the tea garden,indoors in the thatching roof house surrounded by beautiful bamboo custom furniture or enjoy a meal in the sakura garden.And before you leave don't forget to visit the local temple for some good fortune.

  • Playville (376/210)

This is the perfect place for your pets to come and play.Filled with lot's of toys like arcade machines,doggie train,swings,bouncing dolphins and much much more.If your pets get dirty while playing be sure to go in one of the small tree houses at the base of the jungle swing where you will find a bathhouse.The haunted house is guaranteed to give you a big fright and the tree house a great puppet show among other things.

  • Winterland (365/208)

Perfect for those who are tired of the constant heat or just love winter is present all year long.Learn to ski or snowboard if you like or just have a snowball fight.Visit the snow homes of some of the natives,go ice fishing or just stay indoors enjoying the warmth of a fireplace.

  • Tumblingville (143/179)

This is the home of the tumbling dolls.Here King Tumbling Dog an Queen Tumbling Cat are planing to take over the GoWorld so don't be fooled by their cute appearance.They have even set a stage for the celebrating concert after their plan will succeed.And they are very confident that they will having the golden and sunset dragons by their side and a powerful alliance with the lucky cat toys.